Huge gratitude for Caritas Europa

We are grateful to you for being close to us. Thank you for your loyalty and involvement, because you also think about the poor. Thank you for helping us bring smiles to our lips and warm our souls. We express our sincere gratitude for being with us.

Huge gratitude for Caritas Austria

Thank you for helping us promote and cultivate charitable deeds. Thanks to you, the Caritas team manages to gather involved volunteers and make heard the need for less fortunate children and helpless elderly people. We are grateful for your involvement. Caritas Austria the most devoted donor of Caritas Moldova, contributing to overcoming poverty by helping vulnerable, marginalized people.

Huge Gratitude for Caritas Japan

We express our deep gratitude for the support of the activities of Carriotas Moldova, which helps vulnerable people in Ukraine to lead a decent life. The support provided by Caritas Japan is extremely important for us in overcoming poverty in the Republic of Moldova, in order to offer love, attention, care to the poorest of us.

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