International conference “home care services – needs and perspectives”

Several organizations working in the network of the health and social care services at home, gathered at the international conference Home care services – needs and perspectives held on December 2, 2016 in Balti city, Republic of Moldova. The main purpose of the conference was to analyze progress in health and social care at home and obstacles that arise in promoting these services.


The conference brought together members of the network service providers of home care, public authorities at local and central ministries, public institutions, NGOs active in the social field, experts from Moldova and Romania, academics and the media.

The speakers presented speeches referring to the regulation, organization and functioning of health and social care at home vision Ministries, NGOs working with LPAs, successes and difficulties.

At the panel discussion were discussed:

  1. Accessibility of services;
  2. The duration for which a policyholder can receive medical and social care services at home;
  3. The problem of human resources services;
  4. The prospect of the health and social care at home, in the context of demographic aging;
  5. Financing opportunities;
  6. Promoting dialogue between MMPSF and social service providers in social care services at home.

A special role was given to informing the providers of the medical and social services on innovative practices in home care – Kinaesthetics. Colleagues from Romania (Network Senior Net) had good practices in home care in Romania.

The meeting was set the tasks and activities for next year. For some of them the process has already started, others are at the stage of initiation. Thereby, the tasks that are primordial for the 2017 is to improve the efficiency of social care services at home.

Service development priorities for 2017 are:

  1. Strengthening common platform on advocacy and policy dialogue to improve services for vulnerable people;
  2. Developing a strategy regarding social assistance for the elderly in the context of active aging (home care, care of the homeless, family placement for adults, protected accommodation for the elderly, social canteens);
  3. The study related to mapping and estimating the cost of medical and social services at home;