Put your handprint to change destinies!

Together, we can change the destiny of a child, who is neglected by teachers at school, who comes from a vulnerable family and fails to do homework. Classmates make fun of him/her; his clothes are not fashionable or he/she does not have such at all. He/she doesn’t go to school as he/she works in the field to get some food. Together we can help that child by giving him/her support to integrate and have a decent life that he/she deserves.

Together we can change the destiny of a lonely person who due to health problems is not able to go out. Together we can help him/her by providing medical and social assistance.

Together, we can change the destiny of a homeless who due to various reasons is not able to find a shelter, to get rid of vices or to find a job. Together we can offer him/her a home and support to reintegrate in society, to have a decent life he/she deserves.

How you can leave your handprint?

  1. Become Volunteer! Donate goods! Become a partner of Caritas!
  2. Donate by bank card at www.caritas.md
  3. Donate by payment terminals RunPay and MMPS
  4. Donate by bank transfer


Via credit card

Via terminals

Via bank transfer

Donate money through payment terminals RunPay and MMPS, all over the country, now you can also pay online.

Caritas Moldova Requisites


Fiscal code: 1015620003945

Bank Account MDL: IBAN MD16VI225100000100479MDL

Bank: BCA „Victoriabank” Filiala Nr. 3,  or. Chişinău

Bank Code: VICBMD2X416

Beneficiary’s name: Fundația de binefacere Caritas Moldova


IBAN: MD52VI000222421700100479

BANK: VICTORIABANK, Chisinau, Moldova


Beneficiary’s name: Fundația de binefacere Caritas Moldova


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