Community development is a long-term process of helping community to strengthen itself capacity to work collectively which entails the mobilization, participation and involvement of local people on common issues identified and prioritized by them through implementation of various activities and projects, reflecting the Christian belief and Catholic Social Teaching.

This is achieved through:
  1. mobilization and development of the community, promotion of the local initiatives. The given services aim to improve the quality of life within the communities through partnership programmes with the local authorities and local groups of citizens.
  2. promotion of social values and strategies of reducing the poverty, mobilization of youth and adults in serving the charity, consolidation of volunteer activities. One of the remarkable projects of the given compartment is – Parish Social Ministry – through which parishioners contribute to the fulfillment of the Church’s social mission.
  3. renovation of social infrastructure. Planning and renovation works are carried out at buildings with social mission: kindergartens, orphanages, vocations schools, centres for children and elderly, medical institutions, playgrounds, etc.