On the initiative of the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Joseph, in 2003 Rybnita began working with children with behavioural problems as well as those involved with narcotics, theft and prostitution. Thus, Caritas Moldova opened a day centre for children in Rybnita, which began operations in October 2003, with the support of Caritas Sweden. Children who cried silently for help because of a lack of love and care, who believed they were unnecessary, confided in the Centre’s staff and started to change their lives. Over time, the Centre began to change the lives of children from orphanages, then, on the recommendation of local schools, children from disadvantaged families who need support. Since 2005 the project has been supported by funding through Kamensky Erste Foundation, Caritas Vienna. Currently the Centre is open to children from the local community, for the effective integration and development of all children.

Project goal: Prevention of school abandonment, social reintegration of children from vulnerable families in Rybnita, socialization of children from boarding schools and children whose parents are abroad.

Period of implementation: 2003 – present

Beneficiaries: children from vulnerable families aged 7-16 years old.

Methods of realization:

  1. Assistance in doing homework
  2. Computer classes
  3. Creative activities, tailoring workshops, handicrafts
  4. Psycho-social counselling, spiritual education
  5. Primary medical assistance
  6. Entertainment activities, excursions, sport contests
  7. Summer camp for children
  8. Providing children with hot meal



Throughout 2013, the children showed interest in the theatre circle in which they have demonstrated creativity and communication skills through various roles. The time spent by children in the day care centre helped them become more active, more cheerful, more communicative and to develop self-esteem and self – organization.

During the implementation of the project: 37 children, monthly received hot meals, support in doing homework, additional lessons of Romanian and English and computer literacy (learning how to use various programs, preparing presentations, collages, creating videos, etc.), 12 children have improved their school performance due to the support received in completing homework, 10 children attended painting classes, 20 -  modelling, 13 – projection, 22 – attended the artful hand workshop: different applications (creating different clothing, toys, greeting cards, making souvenirs using recyclable materials, beads, ribbons, paper, applying various techniques), 7 children developed their musical abilities, Children participated in activities / seminars on various topics, helping them to form their life skills, and they gained confidence in themselves and their future. They were actively involved in charity events which involved various activities (Christmas, Easter, Sick Day, etc.), in which children sold their handicrafts. With the collected money, they prepared food packages for the elderly and bedridden. During the summer, we organized a local summer camp, attended by both children from the centre and children from the neighbourhood, and an intercultural camp held in Ochakov, Ukraine. In these summer camps, children had the opportunity to learn about their native land, with other children from other day centres managed by Caritas Moldova, through organized river boat excursions. Also, 10 children mutually shared national traditions and customs with children from Ukraine, as well as visiting many recreational sites, which excited them tremendously.

Donors: ERSTE Foundation, Komensky Fond, Caritas Vienne