Summer camp for children in Balti

Between 23rd and 29th August 2017, Caritas Moldova in partnership with the Roman Catholic Parish “Archangels of the Holy Sepulcher” and “Children’s Day Center, Caritas”, organized the summer camp for children in Balti within the framework of the project “Summer camps for children from Moldova”.

Even during the summer holidays, children were very happy to meet again.

The program included various activities and events where children were enthusiastically involved.



The mornings began with “Funny Starts” and “Religious Songs,” followed by “Spiritual Talks” with Father Vasile.


Another interesting activity for children was “The Town Hall of the Craftsmen”. Distributed by groups and with the help of teachers and volunteers, the children were able to engage in artisanship: floristry, wood burning, rooting, making decorative boxes and even making beverage straw products and painting.




One day, the “Ecological Salon” was organized, to which special guests were invited: the environmental inspector, who spoke to children about the important aspects of environmental protection; the swimming coach, who gave advice to children for increased safety and a faster evolution.


Throughout the camp, the children have learned to manifest themselves, have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills, have managed to work in a team, and all these events have brought much joy and delight.




We thank the sponsors of this project – for this opportunity to organize such a fun holiday for children.

The project “Summer camps for children from Moldova” is funded by Kindermissionswerk