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St. Vincent de Paul

Today, Catholics celebrate St. Vincent de Paul, who is the patron of mercy cause worldwide. Vincent was born in 1581 in the village of Pouy in Gascony, in the Province of Guyenne and Gascony, the Kingdom of France, to peasant farmers, father Jean and mother Bertrande de Moras de Paul. At an early age, he showed a talent for reading and […]

In Moldova, Gospel is alive and in action

 Article written by: Michael Sean Winters,  National Catholic REPORTER “I believe in God, but I do not support organized religion. I’m spiritual though.” We have all heard these words or some variation thereon. They represent an old, Voltairian suspicion but they are inadequate. While we have all met some wonderful and generous people who say things […]

Pope: works of mercy means sharing suffering of others

(Vatican Radio) Doing works of mercy doesn’t mean just giving coins to assuage our consciences. Rather, it means sharing in the suffering of others, even at personal cost to ourselves. That message was at the heart of Pope Francis’ homily on Monday morning at his regular Santa Marta Mass. Reflecting on the first reading from […]

Pope: true fasting is helping others

True fasting is helping your neighbour; while false fasting mixes religiosity with dirty deals and the bribes of vanity. That was the message of Pope Francis at the morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta on Friday. The readings of the day speak about fasting; that is, the Pope explained, “about the penance that we […]


Dear Brothers and Sisters, I offer a cordial greeting to you, the members of the Representative Council and personnel of Caritas Internationalis. I am pleased to welcome you at the end of this, your institutional meeting, and, through you, to meet the entire family of the national Caritasorganizations and all those in your respective countries […]