The campaign collecting school supplies “Help me prepare my school backpack” was successfully completed

The Charity Foundation Caritas Moldova from July 1st to August 20th, 2018, organized the campaign “Help me to prepare my backpack for school” to which school supplies were collected. The aim of this charity action was to help and support children from socially vulnerable families who do not have the opportunity to buy school supplies and motivate them to continue their studies at school.

Thus, with the support of the Campaign partners, school supplies and school bags were collected for 100 disadvantaged children and young people from different regions of the Republic of Moldova.

The campaign collecting school supplies “Help me prepare my school backpack” was successfully completed and marked on August 24. During the event children have enjoyed a fun and interactive program, which included 3 workshops: book sign making workshop, intellectual and educational games workshop and cheerful startup workshop.

For the parents of the children was organized the Social Wardrobe, where they had the opportunity to choose clothing, shoes and other things they needed, and also they have received food packages. The event have finished with a traffic rules demonstration from the representatives of the General Police Inspectorate and then the children were awarded with a school bag with supplies to start a new school year.

The event was attended by the following partners of the Campaign: MetroMetro Cash & Carry, Radisson Blu, Consumer Protection Agency and Market Surveillance, Moldcell, Birolux-MT SRL, Edu Joc, Sandriliona and other representatives of the civil society.

Caritas Moldova is truly grateful to all partners for their significant contribution to supporting children in difficulty and appreciates their partnership as a major contribution to fostering charity for the prosperity of children. With their support 100 children will go to school with self-confidence and satisfaction!

Partner support is essential for us and we are glad that TOGETHER we can do GREAT THINGS!!!