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Christ’s grace helps us to discover within ourselves a human desire for solidarity and a fundamental vocation to love. His grace perfects, strengthens and elevates that vocation and enables us to serve others without reward, satisfaction or any recompense. Here we see something of the grandeur of our human calling: to serve others with the same freedom and generosity which characterizes God himself. We also become visible instruments of his love in a world that still profoundly yearns for that love amid the poverty, loneliness, marginalization and ignorance that we see all around us (Pope Benedict XVI said in a speech to participants at a meeting with catholic volunteers, Clementina room, Friday, 11 November 2011).

We all wish Caritas Moldova activity to become both an efficient instrument of grace for comforting the ailing and an inspiration for others in following the divine call to solidarity.

Here you can find information about Caritas Moldova structure, implemented activities, publications, and other useful information. We hope you’ll stay with us on these pages and will join those who build a better world!