Purpose: Improving the treatment of patients of the Department of Municipal Physiopulmonology Hospital Balti.

Implementation period: 2012-2014.

Tuberculosis – a disease which in our days is merciless to the elderly, but, unfortunately, does not spare children. Religious Catholic mission «Caritas Moldova» considers a priority treatment of TB patients. So, thanks to our efforts in 2010 was partially renovated Municipal Physiopulmonology Clinical Hospital Chisinau, and in 2012, together with its partners – the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Caritas Switzerland – we launched the project ” Renovation  of the 4 floors Building of the Physiopulmonology Department of Balti Municipal Hospital “. Our mission is to improve the health of tuberculosis patients by creating favourable conditions for treatment. The project was completed in late 2013, and thanks to it, today 650 TB patients in the north of the republic receive care and stationary treatment in appropriate conditions.

Successes: 650 tuberculosis patients, who were hospitalized during the year, were able to stay in premises that have been updated during the repair work carried out in partnership with the Mayoralty mun. Balti and equipped with necessary furniture. The municipal authorities made contribution of in the renovation and purchase of furniture ​​about 16 thousand Euros.

Donors: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Caritas Switzerland.

National Bureau Coordinator: Iulian Turcu.