FLY project – Round-table discussions

Since the beginning of the year, about 100 students from four professional schools in the country participated in the trainings on “Financial Education for Young People”, conducted in eight informative educational sessions moderated by 11 students from the Faculty of Economics and Law of the country.

On May 3, a Round Table within the framework of the „Financially Literacy for Youth” project was held, where project coordinator Arina Zicu, together with the 11 moderator students and trainers Eugenia Ciutac and Viorica Ivancenco, discussed the activities carried out at the trainings, strengths and weaknesses, about school involvement and about the opportunities for project continuity for 2017/2018.

Some impressions of students:

Capustean Catalina: „This training gave me good impressions and a sense of satisfaction. I became more active, they are not shy when it comes time to tell my opinion and I made new friends. The knowledge that I gained I are very useful: I spend less money because I abstain from desires and now I only buy the necessary, so I can save a considerable amount for a student like me. I have heard about „Caritas” before but I did not know what kind of activities this organization does. Now I know more about „Caritas Moldova” and I feel that within its project I have grown morally and intellectually.”
Savciuc Vlad, MA21: „Following the training, I learned new things about credit, we got in-depth knowledge of the criteria for granting a loan, we learned how to correctly allocate the budget over a certain period of time, and how to communicate correctly with the employer to get the vacancy.”
Damaschin Eugen:First of all, this course helped me to enrich my knowledge in financial education, I’ve started to use my money more correctly, to set my budget… we also had interesting and very funny moments. I want to thank to the trainers for this course, for your work. It was The BEST”
Revenco Cristina: „ I can say that this course has helped me to develop, communicate and work in a group. I am glad I was among the first pupils in my school that attended this course, and I do not regret.”
Morosan Antonia: „This training was useful because we learned how to save money. I have studied what a family budget and a personal budget mean. It is desirable to organize such courses in our school as well as in other schools in the country.”

The last FLY training session ended with a final test that assessed students’ capabilities and the efficiency of the course. Based on the results obtained, 25 best students of the Financial Education for Young Students were selected, who will take part in the long awaited: FLY – Summer Camp 2017 from May 19-23, where participants will be trained in writing projects and submit an application for a mini-grant of 500 USD per vocational school.

The project “Financial Literacy for Youth” (FLY) is funded by the organization Catholic Relief Service, from United States.