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Caritas collects letters with the dreams of children from needy families

Caritas collects letters with the dreams of children from needy families

Between May 4 and 14 (until 12:00) we collect letters with the dreams of children from needy families. These are to be fulfilled in the campaign Collect the dreams of childhood, second edition within the funds raised. In the first edition of the campaign, 57 dreams of children from Caritas day centers were fulfilled and brought joy to their homes.

This year and the dream of your child, grandson, neighbor, acquaintance can become a reality through our campaign!

What should you do?

1. Ask the child what his dream is, one that is necessarily achievable and with an impact on the child's personality, development and education;

2. Ask the child to describe his dream, motivating his need in his life

• The letter should be no longer than one A4 page;

• To contain the child's first name and age (eg my name is Maria and I am 10 years old, ...);

• As creative, colorful and attractive as possible.

3. Pose the letter with your phone / camera (keeping the image quality)

4. Send us the letter with the child's dream (written by the child or with help) on Messenger Instagram or at the email address:

5. Follow our social media pages to find out how the campaign is going, what dreams have been gathered, but also about subsequent campaigns.

The Caritas Moldova Charitable Foundation will collect all the letters, will select the children's dreams that are truly achievable, well argued and with an impact on the formation of personality but also with the power to change their sad destiny.

We look forward to finding out this year's childhood dreams as well.

Caritas Moldova Charitable Foundation believes in childhood dreams! But you?