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"Donate 1 kg against poverty" Campaign

"Donate 1 kg against poverty" Campaign

- Christmas Campaign - "Donate 1 kg against poverty"

-19-20 December

-The stores:

  • Supermarket Nr1 from str. Lev Tolstoi 24/1
  • Bonus from 5 Tiraspol Street (Atrium)

- Because we will bring the holiday magic closer to people who are more upset than us. The donated products will be distributed during the Christmas holidays to lonely elderly people, sick people bedridden, needy families.

  1. You will be greeted by Young Caritas Moldova volunteers who will inform you about the campaign;
  2. You will be able to take a free bag in which to put the products you want to donate;
  3. Choose food or hygiene products that you think would make someone happier;
  4. Buy the products you want to donate;
  5. At the exit of the store you will see the collection boxes of the Caritas Moldova Charitable Foundation, leave the products in the box.
  6. You are following:

-Facebook / Instagram- @
to see where the products you donated ended up, who made them happier at Christmas.

You're welcome! Help NOW "Donating 1 kg against poverty"