Training of personal assistants and social workers

IMG_0690On 19 October in Glodeni, Charity Foundation Caritas Moldova started the training course: “Training of personal assistants and social workers” in caring for the sick at home.

This training is conducted within the project ”Help Elderly Lonely People” (HELP), which aims to develop a strong network of medical and social care services at home, promoting policies that ensure integration of medical and social care services at home, along with other health services, developing a unique platform for advocacy and policy dialogue, and voluntary.

The project, which lasts three years, comes to cover gaps in the program of medical and social care services for elderly people at home, especially:

  1. The lack of appropriate medical and social care for older people at home
  2. Social exclusion and marginalization of the elderly by family members and community
  3. Reduced approach from relevant state institutions for medical and social care services to older people at home

So far there were no special classes or schools for the training of personal assistants, therefore Caritas Moldova, in period from 19-21 October, has organized a training that explains to the personal assistants, the main types of services and needs of the elderly, people with disabilities and other vulnerable population.

This course includes kinaesthetic and prophylaxis of respiratory complications, etc., social standards and correlation of primary health care and social services, counselling of elderly persons, dementia problems, communication with relatives, etc.
At the end, participants will gain specific skills:

1. The use of basic knowledge in caregiving at home on: general care given to the patient, patient surveillance, track patient activity, hygiene and patient handling techniques;
2. Application techniques in handling patient care;
3. Personal involvement in activities to maintaining their own health and that of others;

Training takes place inside the City Hall Glodeni, and qualified nurses working in the project: “HELP ELDERLY LONELY PEOPLE” (HELP) run it. The participants were selected the “Social Assistance Department” from Glodeni, and at the end of the course, the personal assistants will receive certificates of attendance and teaching materials.

The importance of this course is even greater, as these personal assistants, faced daily with the need to provide care to their own relatives.

Sponsors: The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and Caritas Austria finance HELP project.

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