The more we act the more we achieve

On July 11, 2014 Caritas Moldova has organized a final Evaluation meeting of the project “Healthy choices for youth in rural areas in preventing HIV/AIDS”. The main goal of the project was to create an environment in which young people receive support from friends, parents and local authorities, to educate and motivate young people to opt for a healthy lifestyle and be responsible, so they can protect themselves against HIV. During a year, this project was implemented in Cauşeni district, Chircaiesti, Ursoaia, Căinari and Salcuta villages, with the financial support of Caritas Luxembourg.

The event was attended by local trainers and coordinator of Caritas Moldova National Bureau, which evaluated the results and impact of the project on a group level and the entire community. Local trainers talked about successful stories and accomplishments they have achieved, about the activities organized within the project, and the changes notices in the group and the community, about the involvement of parents and community leaders, the faced challenges and lessons they have learned.

The event was also attended by Mrs. Otilia Sirbu, the director of Caritas Moldova, who sincerely thanked implementing partners for their time and efforts in educating the younger generation, for being an irreplaceable tool in promoting the most important and significant values, for being a good example for many, and hopes that in the near future they will see the results of their work. Also Mrs. Sirbu had notice that “Community Development is one of the main pillars on which the organization’s activities are based. Through the project “Healthy choices for youth in preventing HIV/AIDS” Caritas Moldova aims to develop in youth the ability to choose what is right, healthy and useful in life and for their future”. Caritas Moldova hopes that soon the results will be noticeable.