Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us!

The Charity Foundation Caritas Moldova thanks all donors for the financial support within the “2% Campaign”.

Since January 1, 2017, by law, everyone has the opportunity to direct 2% of their income tax calculated for the previous year to any non-commercial organization or religious worship of their choice.

This long-awaited law has created the real possibility for citizens to be able to transfer part of their income to charity.

Currently Charity Foundation Caritas Moldova has renewed the launch of the „Redirect 2% – be an involved citizen!” Campaign, reminding everyone that can effectively help us continue our charity projects.

“The percentage designation mechanism is an indirect way by which the State financially supports the activity of non-commercial organizations. In this way, citizens communicate to the state how they want a portion of their income tax to be spent. “

At the end of September, the State Tax Service completed the processing of data on the percentage designation and we are happy to announce that due to your involvement, 16497 lei were redirected to Caritas Moldova in 2017. With this amount of money, we decided to help those most in need of our beneficiaries: patients bedridden and children from disadvantaged families.



Taking into account the daily needs of these people, were purchased for 50 elderly – bed protection sheets and diapers; for 20 children from disadvantaged families – diapers.


Thus, on November 10, 2017, together with the nurses from the Caritas Moldova Medical Center, we distributed diapers to bedridden patients in the village of Stauceni.

In addition, between 6-14 November, together with Caritas Moldova Social Assistant, we continued to distribute baby diapers in Chisinau and other localities.


pentru încredere și susținere a activității de binefacere a Fundației Caritas Moldova.