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Reorganization of the management of the Charity Foundation

Reorganization of the management of the Charity Foundation

In May 2019, Pope Francis, addressing the operators of "Caritas Internationalis", told them: "Charity is not a pious idea or feeling, but an experienced encounter with Christ; it is the will to live with the heart of God, which does not ask us to have a generic love, affection or solidarity towards the poor, but to meet in them God himself ”.

This closeness of the Holy Father to the operators of charity was from the beginning the basic feature of the pastorate of His Holiness Anton Coșa, who always sought to be closer to the poor and needy, hence his parental support for the charity. Caritas Moldova ”, which was the embodiment of the Church's mission to be closer to those to whom Jesus had a special predilection: the poor.

Noting the absence of a director of the "Caritas Moldova" Foundation, in his capacity as founder of this charity, His Holiness Anton, starting with November 19, reorganized, at the request of the President of "Caritas Moldova", the foundation's management. Thus, Mons. Anton Coșa appointed Fr. Petru Ciobanu as president of the foundation, releasing from this position Mr. Edward Lucaci, who, at the proposal of the bishop, was appointed, by the new president, director of "Caritas Moldova".

Through these two appointments, His Holiness, on the line already outlined by Pope Francis, seeks to optimize the charitable activity of "Caritas Moldova", especially in this difficult period of pandemic, when more and more people need our material and spiritual support.

We wish the new president and the new director success in their new mission and, united in prayer, we implore for them the light of the Holy Spirit and a love as great as possible for Christ embodied by the poor.