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The campaign They are ours too...

The campaign They are ours too...

On International Human Rights Day, we promote everyone's right to a future!

Help us to give confidence in the future to every child! Poverty is the same everywhere, but it manifests itself differently where there are policies or institutions that can fight it. In the Republic of Moldova there are tens of thousands of children victims of poverty, parental emigration, alcoholism, domestic violence and political conflicts for whose existence they are not to blame.

The "They are ours too..." campaign began simply - out of the need to protect these children from the dangers associated with extreme poverty: malnutrition, violence, alienation, abandonment and institutionalization. Through the care and support centers for children and young people coordinated by Caritas Moldova, we try to meet the needs of those in difficult situations. Since 2000, when the first center was opened, and until now, we have helped more than 1,500 children and young people cope with the problems they face, grow up in their families and integrate more easily into society. Projects carried out with the support of external financiers allow us to respond only to a limited category of needs. By donating, you help us to invest in better conditions for them, to give them confidence in themselves and their talent, to teach them that they are valuable, and, most importantly, to give them confidence in the future.

Because they are ours too!