DARE Program: Training for teachers and social workers

The DARE program continues with improving professional skill of teachers and social workers. On February 5 and February 6 was organized the training: „Development of parental potential: attachment; education without punishments; efficient communication between parents and children”.




The moderator of the training was Elena Yesypenko – international expert and trainer within the organization SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine.

The purpose of the training is to improve the professional skills of teachers and social workers who will work afterwards with parents; their task is to transmit efficient communication and discipline methods without punishing.
At the training were 19 participants from Caritas Moldova, Diaconia, Regina Pacis, Rosietici secondary school, theoretical lyceum “I.Creanga” from Falesti, secondary school ”A.I.Cuza” from Balti, theoretical lyceum Stefanesti from Falesti district, Caritas Social Center from Petropavlovca, Social Center Varvareuca and parish center „St. Stelian” Fetesti village.

The participants appreciated the importance of this subject in children’s education. Children need a supportive environment where parents and teachers have the needed skills to offer them Love and Support by interacting with them and encouraging the children in a positive way which will help them to develop stable emotional relationships.