Summer camp for children in Cretoaia village

Between 15 and 25 August 2017, Caritas Moldova Foundation in partnership with the Roman Catholic Parish “Saint Anton de Padova” in Cretoaia village, Anenii Noi district, organized the summer camp for 41 children, within the project “Camps summer for children in Moldova “.

Children from Cretoaia village
Cretoaia village is situated 40 km South East from Chisinau, at the edge of Capital’s junkyard and has a population of 450 people and a few dozen of children. Many of these children are victims of poverty, parents’ emigration, victims of alcoholism and domestic violence. The situation in the village is worsened by the lack of local authorities and of an educational system. In winter, the connection with the other villages is almost impossible due to the deficiency of roads infrastructure; the access into the village is problematic even for emergency transport means. Children have to walk 12 km to go to school and ill people – 5 km to reach the closest health care institution.

This year, the project “Summer Camp for Children in Moldova” coincided in Creţoaia Parish with the 12th annual summer campus for children and entertainers, one of the points of reference on the agenda of intensive activities organized for the children of this village. We call it “intensive” because the program was so dense that even resting minutes were given to any entertainment activity either.




The “red thread” of the 10-day campus this year was “The Words That Free Us”, among the daily themes being the church, the mysteries, the cross, the prayer, the commandments of God, etc.



Among the thematic laboratories and practical laboratories, there was enough time for competitions and team games, dances and excursions to places of interest in Chisinau, so that the 41 participating children would have to regret the end of the campus. About all of this, he can testify. Bishop Anton and the founder of the Caritas Moldova Foundation for Charity, who visited us one day with his guests.



Campus organized under the leadership of Fr. Andrei Dascalasul has also benefited this year from the contribution of eight animators from the Cretoaia youth who have been effectively involved in the optimal development of each minute of the program.


“Among our moments of prayer, we also had an intention for our benefactors at Kindermissionwerk, who supported us these moments of communion and summer entertainment,” Pr. Andrei Dăscălaşul

The project “Summer camps for children from Moldova” is funded by Kindermissionswerk