The SAFE project (SAFE Assistance for Elderly), is a project specialized in home health care, and medical and social care.

This project is a successful model of patient care at home, which is due to ample experience in the field of qualified medical staff.

Annually within this project gain of medical and community assistance about 250 beneficiaries, aged over 65 with severe diseases.

The inclusion criteria in the project are:

  • Age over 65 years
  • Chronic diseases with immobilization in bed
  • Oncological diseases
  • Diseases after stroke, etc.
  •  Lonely patients who do not have people to care for

Currently this service is offered in 5 Medical and Social centers: Chisinau, Stîrcea (Glodeni district), Rașcov (Camenca district), Rîbnița.

The project takes place in 4 regions of the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau, Glodeni (Stîrcea), Rîbnița and Rașcov).

In Day Care Centers, beneficiaries can receive medical consultations, measure of blood pressure and blood glucose. Beneficiaries have various activities and are offered various personal hygiene services (shower, laundry), communication, physical therapy, various creative activities.


Methods of fulfilment:

  1. A contract is concluded with the beneficiaries of the project, which provides the free provision of social and medical services in accordance with the prescriptions of the family doctor or specialist.
  2. Are provided the following services: Cleaning servicesat the patient's place of residence, body hygiene, exchange and washing of body and bed linen (within the Centers or at home), transport of the patient to the territorial association of family doctors or to the church.
  3. Each Center is equipped with a procedure room, where patients can receive primary care, their vital coefficients can be controlled (blood pressure, temperature, glucose).

We have a team of qualified doctors and nurses, with work experience, dedication and professionalism.


Project coordinator

Mariana Tanasî
Mariana Tanasî Project coordinator

Caritas Moldova Charitable Foundation

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